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Verb Tense Verb Tenses
Verb Tense Consistency (Tense Shifts)
Verb Form1 Passive Voice (When to Use Passive Voice)
Gerunds vs. Infinitives (i.e., -ing vs. to- )
Past vs. Present Participles (i.e., -ing vs. -ed)
Transitive vs intransitive verbs
Reference tool: Word and Phrase Info
Subject-verb agreement Subject-verb agreement
Pronoun Using Pronouns Clearly
Using Relative Pronouns (e.g., that, which)
Articles / determiners Using articles (a/an/the)
Using quantifiers (e.g., little, a little, few, a few)
Using possessives
Noun endings Count vs. Non-count Nouns
Word choice / Informal language2 Reference tools: Word and Phrase Info, COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English), Ozdic, Sketch Engine
Sentence structure Independent vs Dependent Clauses
Sentence Fragments
Run-on sentences, Comma Splices & Fused Sentences
Dangling modifiers
Punctuation Punctuation Overview (e.g., comma usage, apostrophe, hyphens)
Word form3 Reference tools: Word and Phrase Info, Oxford Learner's Dictionaries

1. "Verb Form" refers to issues in formation of the verb phrase except for tense markings
1, 2, 3. Click here to learn about different reference tools you can use!